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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review of QiGong

OK so starting off... I read a lot.
I have read most of the books in the health and fitness section of the Garberville Library.
One day I just happened to pick up this book thinking it would be an easy read.
I couldn't even finish it.
This is the first book I couldn't finish in 6 months and I have read a lot of books.
I had to set it down in mid- chapter many times just to wrap my mind around what I was reading.
First Off on the cover it says "Internal Exercies"
So I though ok that will be easy...
Well Yes and NO.
Pretty much to sum up this book that I didn't finish it said
 that I am doing everything WRONG in my exercise program.
Tabata and Running and Yoga are bad for you.
They wear out your heart and make you age faster.
They will shorten your life span.
They will make you tired.
This book recommended I do Qigong and TaiChi for a long life
and internal energy to get everything I need.
Plus you can get in better shape with these internal exercises.
The author had numerious book... especially one on having sex... it wasn't available in the library.
Anyways... it's good to see the other side of the coin with everything you believe in.
But this was a shock to me and I'm still trying to accept it.
They relate their exercises to animals and how to charge up your inner organs for a long life.
And a lot more that I can't even get into right now because yeah I'm a Westener and I love Eastern beliefs but I'm slow to adopt and understand them.
So Ben showed up at my Tabata and Yoga classes at the Community Center.
He wanted to give me a free lesson in Qigong.
I bailed on him the first time because it had been raining
and it was the first sunny day to run and rescheduled.
We didn't really know what to expect.
Or how long it was going to be.
But Ben gave us an hour long Qigong session at the PCC.
I knew it was what we needed.
And Ben said he would like to start a class Tuesdays and Thursdays after Tabata.
Donation based.
So it was on.

Ben is really into Qigong.
And it was hard for me and my workout partners to "slow down"
Many times in class our phones would go off.
I traded videos for classes and I could be videoing him instead of doing the exercises.
This was something very new.
Pete loved it and told everyone he knew about the class.

And after about a month of classes we really started getting into it and enjoy it.
Even looking forward to our time to move around our energy in our bodies.
Plus it is so gentle on the body.
My overall review of Qigong with Ben...
It was great!
He has since left to be a sushi chef in Hawaii and continue his teachings elsewhere.
Good luck Ben!
I have a complete video series on my youtube channel /mountaincrewfitness
of him doing Qigong.
Maybe he will come back next season and give us a few more lessons :)

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