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Monday, January 16, 2017

Personal Training Journey

Well I started my actual commitment to my PT journey in November 2016.
 I went to Southern Humboldt Fitness and asked about their PT program.
They told me that the day I Facebooked the manager,
one of the PT's also told the manager that they were leaving.
So it was a sign to hire me.
So far So Good :)
Currently they only have one PT who works a few days a week.
Both of the PT's were male.
I will be the only Female PT at the gym when I get certified.
Still looking good :)

So I have been studying.
 And WOW there is a lot of information that goes into this profession.
I would compare it to a 5 unit college level class.
I thought it would be easy and even though they recommend 3-4 months of studying,
I thought I could do it in 2.
Reality has hit and I am not ready to take my test.
This is why I have moved my test date back to March 2017.

I have a lot of respect for PT's.
There is a lot of information that we must understand about the body and life to really be successful at this profession.
Plus there are people that DON'T pass their tests and then it's a $200 re-take fee.
I don't want to pay that fee, which is another reason I'm taking my time to study.
I have been picking up clients already.
Just keeping in touch with them and reminding them that it will just be a little longer,
and they all seem to understand.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for their patience with me.
Believe me, I can't wait to start PTing too.
But everything worth while takes time....

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