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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Does running make me a better person?

I like to run.

I just did a 10 mile run on 271 yesterday before the rain.

It was fun.

I was tired after.
not sure if I like running or the after run nap...

Scheduling in my runs makes me a more organized person.

I have to get everything done around my runs that I need to do.

Running puts me in a better mood and state of mind.

I don't have a boyfriend, don't drink, don't smoke and don't watch TV; so I need some sort of outlet to fill my time with and get my head straight.

I do a lot of reading but I def. need a break at some point.

Plus it makes my legs feel strong and look really awesome. It works my lungs too.

The thing is that after a run, I'm so tired my # 1 concern is eating and refueling the calories I burned while running.

This really leaves no time for B.S.

I become a better listener because the fuel it would take for me to talk would be less fuel to eat.

People love good listeners. Especially ones that smile when they are listening to you.

I still have my opinion in my head and would like to express it but no, it would take way too much energy and the other person really does need a listener.

Also I have a lot more energy when I run on a regular basis.

Oh, you forgot something in the car down the street. No problem, I'll run and get it.

My body is just so use to getting in that run, that I become a really good helper to non- runners.

Running is definitely a drug.

You see me running down the street with a fat grin on my face and waving at you.

Yeah it's because I'm high as f#ck. And I want you to see me and not hit me with your car.

Those endorphins are Really kicking in and I'm feeling great.

I might run 10 miles today but I will need more and more miles to get that high I'm looking for.

That's how people go from 5k to 10k to 1/2 marathons to 18k  to marathons to 50k to 50 miles to 100 miles to 200 miles.

Like any drug your body gets use to it and you need to get higher the more you do it.

So does running make me a better person? Maybe... I get all my errands done, I really listen to people, I smile and wave, and I'll get that thing you left in your car.

Running only sucks when you suck at running.... but isn't that everything?
plus I just love nature and get high off that too








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