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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

8th Drive

"Get it" like a fat cat wants food

There is a cat that lives with me named JOJO.
JOJO is one of the fattest cats you have ever seen, especially living in the country.
JOJO loves to eat.
JOJO eats for pleasure.
JOJO will take every opportunity to get a bite to eat.
 Here is her schedule.

6 a.m. I get up to go to the bathroom.
JOJO comes in to greet me.
She plays nice like pet me, but I really know it means, If I'm thinking about breakfast she is up and available to chow.

8 a.m. In the kitchen getting something to eat.
 If JOJO hears someone go into the kitchen, she is in the kitchen.
 Just incase you would just so happen to drop something she will vaccume it up with her mouth.

JOJO watches you eat.
When I'm eating breakfast she is right under me saying, yes I would love to try some oatmeal. Banana, sure, I'll learn to like it!
She has a little meow that says I'm here, feed me.

Lunch time: JOJO is in the kitchen again vaccuming up anything that is dropped and watching you eat lunch.

Snack time: She hears the fridge open and her fat ASS is in the kitchen, available for an opportunity to eat.

Dinner: JOJO is there.
Walking under the table with little meows.

Once a mouse ran across the room and JOJO caught it.
This was after dinner, snacks and endless eating all day.
 She has trained my dad to give her 2 dinners "because she forgot about the first dinner".
She still caught the mouse, ate it whole and licked the floor just in case she missed something.

My dad caught her trying to eat a tack once.

JOJO is definetly one of my motivational cats for drive.
She is up whenever the first person is up to "GET IT". and she still GETS IT all day.
 and when there is a little extra to GET shes game and GETS THAT TOO.
She convinces people she has forgotten she got it so she can get it again.

Instead of getting food, you should focus on getting your purpose out of life.

When an Opportunity comes up in life ask yourself, "what would JOJO do?" the answer... she would GET IT!

Everyday I smile at JOJO when I am reminded to get it because Damn that cat has hustle.

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