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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

6th drive

Finishing my first obstacle race. And then another and another.

Boom. I didn't die. I figured out how to jump a wall pretty quickly. I missed one obstacle. THE F#$%ING SPEAR THROW. I did manage to wrap the rope around myself so the spear didn't even make it to the target.

I went home thinking about taking the broom apart and duck taping it to a screw driver and spearing everything in sight. In Mendocino- perfectly fine. In San Mateo, slightly serial killer crazy.

It was cool. I liked the thrill of the after race high. They wanted to do another one in Monterey. I had to go to Summer Arts that weekend. So I planned my next race in the Diablo Hills.

This time a Spartan Super- 9 miles with obstacles. The above picture is my wearing a cotton shirt- NEVER AGAIN!

Training was a little more intense for this. I hiked a lot of hills. I took a lot of electrolytes. I made me a spear and I got some hay bales together and practiced. KickA$$ and I ran longer distances.

Teaching Tabata classes and training are way more interesting to me after a race. I am always excited to have new workouts and pushing myself harder and harder.

So yeah the race was intense. I didn't rest up before the race (which now I always do). SO I missed a lot more obstacles. Did a lot more burpees, and KickA$$ killed it!

We made it through and were thinking about the beast - 12 miles plus obstacles.

12 miles... are you f#$king kidding me? I couldn't even run 6 miles at that point and the next challenge was 12.

So when I got home from the Spartan Super I signed up for my first half marathon. 13.1 miles. Just running.

Redwoods Half Marathon Happened and I haven't ever run 13.1 complete miles before in my life. I trained the weekend before and Ran 11 miles straight and walked 3. SO I can be on my feet for 14 miles.

I celebrated every mile. That's how I got through it. My hips hurt and my knees hurt. By Mile 11, I was starving. I was super sore after but KickA$$ and I completed it! Our first half. Kinda boring without obstacles... it's all a mind game.

SO then it was either another Spartan Super or Sprint. I wanted to do the Super, KickA$$ wanted to do the Sprint. And we couldn't get it together and even got dates mixed up so I decided to hit the Monterey Half Marathon instead to beat my time from the last Weott half marathon.

So through this, I met a guy that was really into running. I paced him on my bike as he ran a 5 minute mile! I will never forget the experience.
 Everything he taught me made me run faster and stronger. I was a changed runner because of him.

I beat my time by 8 minutes.The runner in me was stoked!



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