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Monday, December 26, 2016

Virtual Weight Loss Bootcamp

New Year New YOU!

Did you know that Fitness is 80% nutrition?

You can work really hard in exercise class/ gym and loose it all in the kitchen.

This is a 2 month online bootcamp (1/2/17-3/7/17) that gives you daily 6 minute exercises *except Sunday- rest day* ( add it to your workout routine you are already doing for more energy! or use it as a way to get started workout out and eating right)

Plus nutritional information for you to reach your fitness goals!

Food Tracking and daily healthy recipes will help you make better eating habits in your daily life for lasting success.
Plus advanced exercise videos to help you tone and sculpt to your dream body.

Perfect bootcamp to loose weight before a vacation, wedding, anniversary, or if it's just time to make some small changes for big results.

Email to sign up!

Bootcamp works on smart phones, ipads and computers.

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