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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

third drive

Leaving my first workout partner. We'll call her Babe on a Bike

Babe on a Bike and I got into a fight. It really distroyed me and my life. I was devistated. After all I had done to get this second drive going it was killed. KILLED> She took Leggett and I took Piercy. There are a lot more people in Leggett than in Piercy. I negotiated the price to rent the hall in Leggett. I made all the flyers. I ordered all the props. I set up all the virtual bootcamps. I went from having around 15 people in class to 3 people.

I cried for a whole month.

But on the upside Piercy was closer to my house, so the communte was less. I was all set up for classes in Piercy and continued teaching. I did so much work setting this up in Leggett and now she was reaping all the benefits. But when you have a class of 3 people, you really get to know your students.

Now my drive was to become a better workout instructor! I wanted to serve better, have my playlist on point, have better workouts and results. I wanted to be better. I wanted people to like me. I wanted to make more money. I wanted people to say I'm looking for a good workout class and have them think of me.

I researched a lot on what super successful fitness trainers do. First, they are all Personal Trainers which had lead me to studying for my PT exam right now. And they all cater to celebrities and have done things above and beyond. Still developing my strategy on that... and I have a lot of ideas!


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