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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Second Drive

Becoming an instructor.

OK so I was doing reallly good in class and I got the opportunity to become a Tabata Bootcamp Instructor. I asked my best workout buddy to join me in becoming certified. We got certified together and by January we started teaching our own classes in Leggett and Piercy, CA.

Going from student to instructor is a huge step but I was ready. The classes we were taking didn't have their playlists together (which is super crutial and I always try to have on point) and they were catering to new people and not giving a challenge to old timers. So it was natural to branch off to do my own classes; how I wanted and imagined.

It was cool. It was an investment. It was a change of perspective. I liked it. I really planned workouts and tried to listen to clients to fill their workout needs. And I tried to make money on classes, with different pricing structures, adding bootcamps and selling props. Totally new experience. Even finding a place to workout and negotiating pricing with the bosses was new. Promoting the class and making flyers and spreading word of mouth. Adding video. We made a workout video for people who couldn't come to class. We were having a really good time until......


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