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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review of Castaic Lake, LA 12-10-2016

I don't know if the water was cold, I don't know if the water was warm.
All I know is that I got through it as quickly as possible.
it's good to come early... cars were backed up from the freeway off ramp to the parking lot

Elite women getting ready to start. So essential to warm up upper and lower body.

Beautiful morning on the lake.

Pre-race ready to go.

So fun to watch the sun come up.

Next group getting ready at the starting line.
It's Sunday morning. 12-11-16

I'm Home, I'm happy.

 As I write this, there is a bad blister on my right thumb and it hurts to press the space bar.

While I was sleeping last night my left calf got a really bad cramp- I just stretched it out and went back to sleep.

 My right nipple has rope burn.

It hurt to wear a seatbelt when I was driving home due to it rubbing.

I still have my bag check and start time wrist band on my right wrist.

I fell alseep in my clothes and I don't feel like wearing any pants for the next week.

My left hamstring hurts but no bruise.

 I pulled my shoulder but massaged it out.

 My hair feels like grit and my bangs have decided to be up and back only partly.

I really long for the energy to take a shower.

How was your weekend?

bring a plastic bag to put all your nasty race clothes in afterward and wash with nothing else.

I just posted to facebook that we will be doing ABS this week and back strengthing exercises because we are torn up from the race. In Yoga this week we will be doing all floor exercises.

Did I win the race? Nope. Did I finish the race? Yep! Was it worth traveling 1000 miles plus in 24 hours? Yep!

Why do I race? Well because my friends race. But I continue to race because it makes me think about what I'm doing with my life, how to switch up my training, and seeing what I am truly capable of.

Also to look at very physcially attractive elite men racers who wear Runderwear aka shorts only; yes I show up to races early just to look at them and trying to chase then down the race course only to watch them run away from me faster and faster as they make great time. DRIVE!

Elite men winners of the race. Notice the Runerwear attire.

#1. How am I doing in life?
Pretty good considering. I'm in shape but I can be in better shape.

I'm healthy, I'm happy and I'm still able to eat, put gas in my car and race.

I'm in a good head space.

 I have plenty of work.

 I'm excited to continue on my fitness journey.

 I have got a pretty good race outfit together. I can run long distances in the flat.

Looking forward to tomorrow but being in the present today and taking it one day at a time- is right where I want to be.

To all the people in my life helping me fulfill my destiny- thank you. I appreciate all my friends!

To all the people who are not- get the hell out of my life please! I appreciate a drama free life!

and I would race with caffeniated GU next time and not yerba mate shots.

#2. How to switch up my training?
There are two types of runners out there I found out. Runners who can run in the flat, & Runners who can run straight up hillssssssss$ no stopping, just killing it.

 As of Saturday I was pretty comfortable as a runner, but then I had my serious what the heck have I been training for moment?

So Here is how the race went down; Women's elite starts at 7:45 a.m.
We had a race crew of 4 women people racing this weekend.
My 2 race buddies didn't make the start time so it was me and another women who's family owns a gym and she needs to beat us! and she did...
She's a fitness instructor and I'm a fitness instructor.
We are aquantances and we went head to head in the race.

The Last races we attended she was always so far ahead of me I just watched how she ran off into the distance (yeah I do that a lot lol).
 My running game had improved over the year and I was excited to see how we would compare.
I ran behind her until the first obstacle- A large saw horse type obstacles you had to go up and over. You have to plan on where you are going to hit the obstacle so you don't run into anybody and/or kick them in the face.
 Over was easy for me.
 When I train in Richardson grove there is a tree that has half fallen in the trail and I up and over that which is a lot thicker and harder than this obstacle.

Then it's an Under & THrough which I nail as well.
Running... lots of running and I don't see homegirl in front of me.
I guess I was ahead for about 1/4 of a mile until we hit the 6 ft. wall jump where she passed me and I never saw her again. Huge GAINS for me!

So then there were miles of straight out of hell UPHILLS!
I could run it for a little bit listening to my friend tell me in my head "on hills, slow is smooth and smooth is fast."
 My legs gave and I could walk it just like everyone else.

 Man oh Man if I could run hills I would of passed a lot of people. I mean hundreds! Everyone was walking and I wanted so bad to pass everyone and get in the lead!

And this is where I questioned my training and life decisions.

HOw to run hills? HOw to pass all these people who can't run hills? I live on a hill... why don't I train on it more? How could I train on it more?

I thought of my friend Michelle and how when she was growing up she would have to walk this hill that I live on after school many times with a back pack.
Michelle is a good runner... really good.
I'm sure Records still stand at South Fork High School in her name.
She would run to town and back (13 miles with hills one way).
She would bike to Shelter Cove and back (you are talking major hills here!).
She could out run me on this hill right now and does out run people on races all the time.
 THis is why she is the 25th fastest women in North America in 2015.
This is why I'm going to her race on January 28th 2017.
THis is why she placed 2nd in her first 100 mile race, 2 minutes behind the guy in first.

The question comes down to.... How bad do you want it?

How bad do you want to out run all these elite women in front of you to get to the front and podium?

Podium... My heart wants me to podium.
My body is trying to catch up.
How do I get to podium?
What will motivate me every morning to train to be a podium junkie?
You have to train differently than other people.
Anyone can walk hills but few can run them.

Womens podium- 1st place is definetly body goals for me.

Womens 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Fitness Goals!

The answer I came up with: is every morning when I wake up I should stand on my bed side table and feel what it feels like to place podium.
I need to eat podium for breakfast everyday to get to podium every race.
 I literally imagined myself eating wood.
 I could taste it in my mouth.
I ran past 3 women after I thought this. They cheered me on.
 If you get splinters from chewing on wood, take them out and use them as tooth picks.

Ok so forget all the training I did all year... How do I train now?

Well I could walk to the class I teach in Piercy 5 days a week and walk back to train for hills (6 miles round trip).
Eventually my body would get use to it and I would be able to run it.
Then I could run it with an oxygen mask. And a backpack.

And then I thought about myself before I got a drivers license and how I had to walk all over town to get anywhere.
 I came up with the idea that I had to turn in my car keys to get in the level of shape I was dreaming of achieving.

 Kinda like a DUI but I could still drive if I NEEDED to.
Ok so I would have to give myself a RUI- Racing under the influence.
I could go to town just once a week to teach yoga at the gym and get supplies.
Seriously just driving once a week.
Everything else would be walking and biking.
Think of all the gas money I would save!
The wear and tear on my vehicle I could save!
Think about what great shape I would be in!
triple win- trifecta baby!

It all goes back to how bad do you want to podium?

Would you give up driving too?

#3. What am I truly capable of?
Well thats what I'm trying to figure out. Passing everyone in the race is a great place to start.

ok so the rest of the race... I placed 20th in my age group and 240 overall.... what I would do to pass 239 people!

video of how to get to the starting line of a spartan race.

It was challenging.
  I missed the f-ing spear throw again!
but I was a lot closer- the spear was even bent like I had been training on.
The important element I missed that the guy at Redway Feed told me to do was add a target to my hay bale. Will do this week. Targets are important. They are like goals. Get on Target. Spartan Races keeps it challenging which keeps me coming back.

I didn't care to stop and smile in the pictures this time... I just went for it.

But the other woman got a great shot!

nope, not looking up... need to pass this woman on my right. and I did.
Better believe I passed the smiling red shirt. but her picture is way cuter than mine.
The sandbag carry was intense but just put one foot infront of the other.
There was a woman at the bottom of it who needed help stretching out her calf.
 I was happy to pass her thanking myself for all the calf training I have been doing and thanking my calves for not giving out on me.
I have seen too many people have to literally stop on the side of the race course to massage/ stretch out their calfs. Electrolytes baby. And plenty of uphill training.

Running hills.... Running hills... I was literally crawling up one hill where I had an Ah HA moment! I was doing mountain climbers up the mountain! This is what the class training has been for except on the actual slant of a mountain. GOt it.

video of cargo net up and over

Then the hercules hoist, where I wasn't going to drop the very heavy sandbag (90#) and yelled some very intense motivation to myself.
That bag was heavy and it really hurt my hands.
I couldn't let it slam down and as the weight quickly slid through my hands I grabbed the rope with everything I had to make sure it didn't slam.
that's how I got blisters on my thumb and hands.
 How bad to you want it?

Monkey Bars- I was pretty out of breath and waiting here for what felt like about 10 minutes lol.
 I wanted to pass this obstacle.
 I knew I could and didn't want to rush it.
Again screaming motivation to myself until I hit the bell.
The guy next to me prayed to GOD to help him through this obstacle.
Races gets spiritual real quick- you need something greater than yourself to help you get through this.

Then I started running with a guy who I found out was a SGX trainer and how he was getting a group ready for January 28th race. Sweet. my next cert. for sure! But i'll be at another race in Arizona on the 28th.

Bucket Brigade- All I could think about was the guy who took a bucket with 1.6 million dollars worth of gold and walked away with it out of a brinks truck.
I loaded my bucket with rocks and told myself it was 1.6 million in gold.
 I was really wired on caffeine and yelled at a guy who put his bucket down at the half way point in front of me. Luckily he just smiled at me.


 he wasn't on my level. lol

 A woman looked at me and asked directions on how to hold the bucket.
She was holding it with one arm on her right hip- I told her both hands interlocked in the front of the bucket- she thanked me with a sigh of relief.

My rope climb instructional video.

Rope climb- THis is where I got nipple burn.
 So I decided to wear a thin sports bra with no padding so when I went through the dunk wall my bra  would dry faster and wouldn't be so heavy afterward.
 I caught my breath and imagined myself completeing the obstacle (very important move and should be done at every obstacle for success) and went up and up swiping for the bell and missed.
I knew I had to complete one more swipe and I got it.
Now the hard part... coming down... FAST.
Ok so I came down super fast and was getting rope burn in between my knees when I jumped off the rope and started running around the bend in the race and my right nipple hurt real bad.
And of course I think there was a photographer getting me running with a nipple rub. lol. HOT.

video of slanted wall with rope obstacle

Barbed wire- Ok so I tried army crawl like the guy beside me and that sucked so I started to roll. Fast. Well I rolled so fast that I rolled side ways right out of the barbed wire obstacle.
I got up to run in a dizzy spell and had to jump right back into the barbed wire obstacle and keep rolling. Rolling too fast and you get disoriented. Take your time and do it right.

Running through mud...INNOV8 shoes handled this very well.

Dunk Tank. I just Saw the obstacle and ran and jumped right in.

What I think I look like coming out of the dunk tank....

What I actually look like....

video of atlas carry

Atlas carry. This one is where it really pays to know how to squat and pick up a 60# cement ball and carry it across the stretch- do 5 burpees and bring it back. People can really hurt their backs here if they don't know how to correctly carry weight like that. Keep your back STRAIGHT when you SQUAT. Walk fast.
video of fire jump obstacle

Fire jump- Yes I have been waiting all year to make that picture my profile picture. Hope it turned
out well.

It was fun.
I rate all my races on the amount of time I have to wait to use the bathroom before a race which for this one was 0 minutes. They had their bathroom game on point!  A+ Spartan. You really do create a wonderful race experience and I will continue to race with you in 2017.
THis is my two headed spartan trifecta for 2016

Here is the shower station at the race

Here are the changing rooms are the race

Festival Challenge- If you can do the most pull ups/ rope climb or 6ft wall up and overs in a minute you will win a free race. One women won 2 free races for the pull ups and rope climbs.

By the way I SUCK at racing.
My time was 1:40
My friends times were 1:30
And homegirl was 1:25

thank you Spartan... until next time... I'll be dreaming of the next finish line











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