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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Not drinking at a dinner party.... Or ever

I don't drink alcohol.



Because I have an addictive personality and will get really drunk if I start drinking.

I don't like hangovers.

It takes me a couple miserable days to recover.

Alcohol is bad.

I broke my leg after drinking alcohol.

I threw up in a limo drinking alcohol.

I knocked out my teeth drinking alcohol.

I kissed guys I shouldn't have and led them on with alcohol.

Plus alcohol is really expensive and I'm saving up for a house.

So I quit.

And picked up running.

Running is Free!

Anyways, I was invited to a dinner party last night.

 The host knows I don't drink but out of polite habit he poured everyone a glass of champagne.

 I didn't touch mine.

He refilled everyone's glass but frowned when he saw mine as still full.

I never repeated the fact that I didn't drink.

But my actions spoke loud and clear.

We chatted and had appetizers.

When he was cooking dinner and turned his back and the bottle and his glass was empty, I switched our glasses.

He asked if the new glass of champagne was his.

I said yes.

I took his empty glass.

That's how to not drink at a dinner party.

He asked, would you like red wine or white wine with dinner?

I said I would like water.

But I will admit I Did drink this year once!

A guy asked me out after a yoga class to coffee.

No I don't drink coffee either.

So I invited him out to a party the following night saying I don't drink and we should meet at the party early at 8 because I like to go to bed at 9.

He accepted.

He showed up and bought me non- alcoholic beers so I wouldn't feel left out at the party.

Wow, he got me.

I couldn't say no to that.

And I do consider it one of the sweetest things a guy has done for me in awhile.

Or maybe ever?

Ladies, there still are true gentleman out there!

Other guys I date are like sweet you don't drink! I'm going to get hammered so you can drive my drunk ass around. These relationships don't last long. The guys are very sad I'm gone. I very much enjoy being in my bed alone at 9 pm when they text me to hang out.

Anyways we had to pour the non alcoholic alcohol into a red solo cup.

Non alcoholic beer does taste like light beer.

It dOES has .5% alcohol in it.

I got a really nice buzz off it.

When I drank it, I remember why people drink.

You drink to get that nice little high and to relax.

Runners high is sooooooooooo much better.

My drug of choice personally and I have tried a lot of drugs in my day.

That's why I'm a run- etarian too.

I like to eat and run literally!

Any chance to get high

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