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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

fifth drive

Signing up for an event. First Spartan Race- The Spartan Sprint

OK so I have done multiple events this year and with this one being my first one I don't really remember much about the training I did with this one except the time KickA$$ said she wanted to train by running with a kettlebell.

I thought it was going to be a 5 # kettlebell and when I saw it, I said to myself wow that is a really big 5# kettlebell. NO, it was a 15# kettlebell and we were going to go running with it after class. DAUNTING> but doable. So lalalala we are running and trying a million different ways to hold a kettlebell while we are running and passing it back and forth and getting really tired because running sucks and running with a 15 pound weight sucks even more. And KickA$$ says lets set the kettlebell down and pick it up on the way back.

I was like how do I push myself farther so we don't have to put the kettlebell down?

I'm tired, it's warm out, this weight is heavy. I have my new workout partner, we are training for this event. I was searching in my mind HOW? HOW DO I PUSH MYSELF to the NEW LEVEL? HOW????

Then, just then we hear someone behind us say "Hello Ladies". I knew the voice and then I saw the body. It was Babe on a Bike, going for a bike ride on this wonderful day. (THis is how she got her name) .I was in shock.

 This was the first time I saw her after the fight and the huge change in my life. I was so happy KickA$$ was there for me. Just being there, working out next to me while Babe on a Bike was there was huge.

We need connection. We really do need other people in our life. I felt twice as big with KickA$$ at my side.

KickA$$ looked at me and said, "do you want to put the kettlebell down and keep running?" If she had asked me the same question a minute ago the answer would of been yes.

 But now that I have adrenaline and lots of other feelings running through my mind and body I said, "Hell NO!" I truly believe God put that Babe on a Bike and had her pass me when I was feeling very tried and defeated in my training to pump me up and push my past my limits.

I had a moment; It was a magical.

When you have a goal and you put your mind, body and soul into that goal- divine intervention will help you reach that next step. So committ to your goals YO so the universe can help you out!

We finished the run. And I carried that kettlebell with me EVERYWHERE! I was motivated. I had DRIVE!

I will never forget how I felt for my first race. We signed up for the Elite time slot which is a little bit more expensive but you get to start first and not wait around the whole day. It also means we can't help each other.

 We were all scared. I had nightmares of what the next day would bring so did others. I had diarreha for the first hour before I even hit the starting line. Shit was going down! Yes, that is what that term means- literally!

 Then I couldn't even find the starting line! I saw the clock and people kinda standing around but then there was a wall so I just turned around and walked back. Where the f$#@ is the starting line?

 How can I do the race when I don't even know where to start? having my freak out moment... Then I watched the elite men.


An obstacle even before the race starts. I understand why they do it- if you can't jump over the first wall to get into the corral then maybe you shouldn't do the race. I better get up and over that wall. I'm getting to that starting line.




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