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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

4th drive

Finding a new workout partner. Well call her KickA$$

One day one of my students asked me if I would be interested in doing a Spartan Race with her and some of her friends. I thought about it and said no. It was in May, I had things to do, classes to teach and excuses up the hizzzy.

But I went home and thought about Babe on a Bike and how I wanted to be better and how she just wasn't even around anymore. I was scared to do a Spartan. I didn't run and 3 miles seemed daunting but doable. Obstacles... yeah I wasn't trained in that. I could squat hella but jumping over the wall wasn't in my resume.

But I wanted to find a new workout partner, so I had to hang out with some new people. New, intense people that were doing things outside of my comfort zone.

 I wasn't ready. I thought I would fail miserably. It would cost money to sign up and go out of town and do the race. I would have to train outside of workout class. NEW NEW NEW SCARY SCARY SCARY.

What's the worst that could happen? OK, so I could die. People do die in obstacle races but it is usually from dehydration or falling off an obstacle. I could die from doing this but I could also avoid dying.

SO I went to class and told the student that Yes, I had changed my mind and I would like to do the race with her and her friends. I wanted to create a new bond in my life. I wanted to be better. That's how I got my new workout partner Kicka$$.

So we started Running. We ran one mile around the community park and my chest hurt so much that before the end of the mile, I had to pull my sports bra away from my chest just so I could Breathe! I felt my lungs expand. I felt my core tighten. I felt my butt. New exercise- new experience. I was intimidated by my new workout partner. She had forgotten her workout pants and was running in her jeans. She out ran me. This is why I call her Kicka$$.

I was in super flowy workout pants and sports bra and a tank top. That was the moment I realized no matter what workout clothes you wear, it doesn't matter. What's underneith the clothes that counts. That's why when you say someone is FIT- their clothes really Fit them. Is that where the term comes from? Hey your clothes fit? SO you are fit? I can see how fit you are when you wear clothes.

Anyways KickA$$ was FIT and Drive #1 came back as me being Fatty Fat Fat in the student ID. KickA$$ wasn't there in the room with all the other women who saw me put on the shirt. She hadn't watched my transformation over the last 9 months. Drive #1 was alive again! But this time I'm the workout instructor and I have to kick my own butt. I have the power to schedule when I work out and what I do. So Drive 4 is really a combination of Drive 1-4.

And now I have a race at a certain date. This is probably the most amazing drive there is.

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