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Sunday, November 13, 2016

My .02cents or $1.29 review of the Big Sur Half Marathon 11/13/2016

First off, I finished it! Super beautiful with ocean mist blessing you as you run. Lots of people. Plenty of room to run around people and extremely organized. Weather was great.

Second off, it was twice the price of the other half I did, and other halfs comparably. Plus they charged $1.29 if you want the results sent to you via text, email or posted to FB. AND they wanted you to pay separately for pictures BEFORE the race. AND just to get your packet info you had to go to the back of a convention center with numerous vendors that were selling everything running. They got me there- Those are my new $35 compression socks; they were great because I was easier to spot in the race. But the $1.29 FORGET it!

~~I'm comparing this to the Spartan Race where it is INCLUDED to get your results texted to you or a friend/family member. Pictures are FREE and Posted to FB for free and you better believe their logo was all over it and I posted and emailed to friends and family members. They know I rep Spartan. I wear the Spartan sweat band they included to every race, training & workout. I'm wearing it in the picture. I will wear it at every race.  I don't feel like Spartan Races are nickle and dimming me. I feel that they create an enjoyable experience. Plus it's the same price to do an obstacle race as this race and they have OBSTACLES!

HOW DID THEY EVEN COME UP WITH THE PRICE $1.29? WHY NOT $1 WHY NOT $1.50? WHY NOT $5? WHY NOT $100? WHY NOT $1000? This REALLY UPSET ME. This service should be free! How can you justify this service for $1.29? Please tell me.

Third, they had corrals with your estimated time. I liked this because there were designated people holding up overall time goals and they were there to pace you through it. I made sure to stay ahead of the 2:30 guy which helped me reach my goal.

Free shuttles from the college and mall were really nice.

Forth, The metals aren't even metal! They are ceramic- on a leather string. Be careful- you don't want to break it. That would suck. Mine is chipped on the back. Not with a timing chip, a chip like a piece of it already broke off on the back when I got it. I almost dropped it. Still in one piece. What if it broke on the way home?

I busted my butt and I got a chipped metal. FEELINGS about this? Feeling like a got a chip on my shoulder and on my metal about this race.
Would I do it again? Maybe/Maybe not- my Uncle lives down here and is a professional photographer and doesn't charge me for photos. Check him out at And I get to hang out with him and eat super healthy and go to photo galleries at the Sun Set Center.

Also thinking of doing the 5k next year with my uncle and my dad. Who will then take our pictures?

Well I saw a couple of people just whip out their phones at the finish line. Seriously, do you want people to do this? Then they are blocking the finish line because you are charging for a service that should be FREE! Traffic, Congestion, people smashing into other people, people trying to beat a PR and the finish line is blocked by people taking selfies; this is how races end badly.

Oh, she is taking a selfie so I should take a selfie. I don't like that selfie let me take 100 more. Let me take a selfie of the other guy taking a selfie. AT THE FINISH LINE ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It could get to the point where there are so many people taking selfies at the finish line you can't even get across. WHO WOULD WANT TO rUN IN A rACE like that?

I want FREE PictureS and FREE text notificationS and FREE facebook posts for the price I'm paying for this race. Then it would be PERFECT!

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