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Saturday, November 12, 2016

In beautiful Monterey, Ca resting up for the Big Sur Half Marathon tomorrow. BIB 8650.
 Just wanted to give a big shout out to a very important group of people who I haven't acknowledged all year- MY HATERS! Thank you so much for talking smack behind my back and saying sweet nothings to my face. You have helped me push harder, run longer and lift heavier!

You put the UMPH in TRIUMPH, where all I have to do is TRI!

I took this picture with a Camera (that doesn't make phone calls) of me and my phone (that I can't post anything to Facebook on).

If you have haters; please thank them (preferable to their face!). Use the energy they are giving you to make your life bigger, better and more wonderful. Become more educated than them so when they need advice, you are ready to be there for them. And when they get over their hate for you; open your arms and let them in as friends.

This isn't about fitness anymore- this is life!


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