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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Humboldt Color Run 11-27-2016

The moment you realize that Superman isn't coming, so you got to suit up and
I'm game.

Ok so the weather was really bad the weekend before the race. The river was way up and super muddy. The sun came out just in time! We ran on the street, then through muddy grass where we got sprayed with colored corn starch. Then there was the HILL. If you ran that entire hill, good for you. For the rest of us, that shit was intense. I had to walk for a bit. Then it was all down hill to the finish line.
It was chilly too. From now on I will probably just wear my race gear and buy the 40 pack of hand warmers at costco. That way you can drop the handwarmers during the race when you warm up and you won't freeze to death waiting to start. And you won't regret wearing your sweatshirt when you hit the hill.
Overall great race. Not timed but who cares, if you run a lot you know how you felt. We all got metals and T-shirts. Great benefit run. Will do again next year.

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