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Friday, November 25, 2016

Drive intro

Half marathons back to back less than a month apart with an 8 minute decrease. Spartan race after Spartan race. 3 miles with obstacles, 9 miles with obstacles, 13 miles with obstacles... Sometimes all in one weekend! (2017 goals)

Eventually thinking about an ultra marathon. Yes, running 100 miles in one event.

A lot of you reading this will think... WTF??? Are you insane?

The most truthful answer I can give you is YES. Yes, I am a little crazy.

If the earlier me met me now, she would say "WHO ARE YOU?"

I am slowly turning into the person I always wanted to be. ME.

But it takes drive.

No, not your car, but inner drive.

What wakes you up in the morning to get out of bed on a cold and rainy day to get to exercise class, yoga, running, weight lifting, or racing?

What gets you to the finish line of events? What gets you to the starting line of events?

What keeps you going when you are sore, tired, metally exhausted and you have muscle failure?

What really pushes you to the next level of fitness? The next level of your life?


If you can find this DRIVE, your level of fitness will easily increase to the next level because in your mind- you have a vision and your body will do what it takes to reach that vision and make it a reality.


I like to workout with people that have a lot of drive. I like to pick their brain and ask them a million questions about their life, the way they think, what they do everyday.

It's interesting.

I have a drive to ask other people about their drive. It's part of my drive.

My drive has changed over the past two years. As it should; if you still have the same drive you did when you were first working out you really wouldn't get too far.

I'm here to tell you about my drive so maybe one day you will read this and it will help you reach your drive, or take your drive to the next level, or say what the hell you call that drive???LOL really...

I have so many Drives that this document will be continully updated throughout my life. Stop reading where it suits you and when you are ready for another one, pick up where you left off. Or read through the whole thing and tell me I don't know anything about drive. It's your life, I'm trying to help but I know I can't help everyone. To the people that I do help and take the time to read my rant- Thank you! I hope it inspires you to become the best you EVER! Love yourself!


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