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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Black Friday

Ok so I shopped online.
I got

1. Spear.
2017 I better make every fucking spear throw ever. If the end of the world happens I will be able to hunt for food with the spear. I'm going to sleep with the spear by my side (can you tell I don't have a boyfriend lol). I'm going to become one with the spear. I need to stop bitching about spears and how it was the only obstacle I missed in my first spartan race. I need to get my practice on and nail the spear throw. So I got a spear. I will master the spear.

2. An oxygen deprivation mask.

Air is like sex; it's an issue when your not getting any.
How to train like a top athlete. Build your lungs. Every run will now consist of wearing a mask.
My legs are giving out before my lungs- need to even out.

3. Trail running shoes.
Bring on the mud! No slipping and sliding, only dominating.
Plus it's good to have two pairs in case one gets wet.

4. Spartan clothing.
Yes it's getting bad. Very bad.

I did shop online. I had high speed internet over the holidays.

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