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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Looks like Rain For the Humboldt Redwoods Half- Marathon 2016! RAIN TIPS from UltraRunner and Running Coach Michelle Hawk

This year has been HOT. I have been training for two months for the Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon in the SUN. In the HEAT. My shoes were MELTING on the pavement on Highway 271, I'm used to SWEATING in the hot sun as I trained for race day.  And now, looking at the weather forecast it is going to RAIN on October 16th 2016 at 9 a.m. and rain HEAVY.

So who comes over for a nice visit a week before race day with some AWESOME RAIN TIPS?

The 2015 women's Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach Line 100 Mile WINNER, who not only set a COURSE RECORD but she also placed SECOND OVERALL!  Michelle Hawk, from Tucson, Arizona, finished in a time of 19:08:39.  This is the FOURTH FASTEST TIME on the Stagecoach course and it also was the 26th fastest 100-mile time by a WOMAN in North America in 2015.

Check out her Interview here :

1. Wear a Sport baseball cap. This will keep the rain out of your eyes while you run so you don't have to wipe your eyes every 2 seconds to see where you are going. If you have long hair, try to wrap it in your hat so it's not as wet. The difference between a sport baseball cap and a cheap hat is that the sport cap will breathe while the cheap hat won't. Invest in yourself!

2. Rub Vaseline in moving parts. Armpits and between the thighs. When it's raining, your skin will react differently than when it's dry. So lube up to avoid a rash/ chafe.

3. NO COTTON anything! Wear a performance shirt, underwear, socks and shorts. Cotton will absorb water and make the run very HEAVY. You want something that will dry quick and will be comfortable while running. Wool socks are wonderful in the rain! Polyester/ Spandex and Dri-fit will dry a lot quicker than cotton.

4. What's the temperature going to be? If it's not too cold try to go without a jacket. The lighter you are the better. If you can, wear the least possible. Your body will dry quicker than clothes and will regulate heat better. Hand warmers are good to pack too!

TIPS for rain or sun-

5. NO new shoes on race day. You want to look good while running your event so you go buy some new shoes. But you never ran in them before and you will get blisters so PLEASE run in shoes that you have trained in.

6. Don't try any new foods. If they offer something in the AID station that you have never tried before, now is not the time. You don't know how you will feel after eating that new promo protein bar, so save it! Only eat what your body knows. You should experiment in your training sessions, not race day. Research what they will be offering on race day and test while training.

7. Start slow, Finish Fast. I know you are very excited for your race. The crowd is cheering and your adrenaline is going wild. Keep a calm head and start off slow. Once you warm up, you can speed up. You don't want to burn all your energy on the first couple of miles and have the last ones dragging. The Pros always leave energy to run their fastest on the last miles and so should you.

8. Enjoy Yourself. Running is mental. If you start over thinking and questioning your judgment, you could be in trouble and think yourself right out of the race. Enjoy the scenery of the Redwoods while you are running.

9. Use the bathroom before the race. Your stomach may turn a little bit with anxiety so use the bathroom before the race a couple of times to get everything out before go time. There will be a line Right before the race so timing is everything!

10. Bring a change of clothes. You will be sweaty and gross after a race. Bring a change of clothes and a towel to change into so you wont be cold and smelly if you decide to go out to eat after. A plastic bag to put all your running clothes in and shoes will be wonderful too!

The hardest part is getting to the starting line so congratulations and have a great race!

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